THC: 45.6%

Derb and Terpys Faster Queen

Faster Queen, also known as “Surfer’s Choice” in Southern California, is a 100% pure Indica hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Himachal Pradesh X Northern India strains. This powerful bud has an iconic aroma that experienced smokers would die for of skunky pungent earth that is slightly fruity.

The taste is the same, but with a sharp rotten fruit aftertaste that lingers long after you toke. This bud is infamous for its social and energetic high, despite its heavy Indica effects, and is fueled by a THC level of up to 18%.Derb and Terpys Faster QueenDerb and Terpys Faster Queen

The high hits you with an uplifted energetic euphoria that makes you insanely talkative yet slightly introspective with an uncontrollable case of giggles. Derb and Terpys Faster Queen, You’ll feel ebbing waves of being lazy and relaxed, but still, have enough energy to get up and move on occasion if needed. As you come down from the high, this bud does become slightly sedative, so it’s best used towards the end of a long night out.

Because of these surprising effects, Speed Queen is perfect for treating chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and nightmares. Derb and Terpys Faster Queen buds have small airy and super leafy grape-shaped dark forest green nugs with dark purple leaves and long thin amber twisty hairs.Derb and Terpys Faster QueenDerb and Terpys Faster Queen


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