Cold Cure Hash Rosin


THC: 78%

Cold Cure Hash Rosin

Firstly, Cold Cure Hash Rosin Multi-spectrum rosin that contains the full-bodied flavor from mixed grades of the strain Handcrafted by: Feeling Frosty Cultivated by: Str8 Family Farms Flavor: fermented, tart, sweet, fruity To make the best hash rosin, you have to start with the highest quality hash. Heat and pressure are then applied to the solventless trichome heads (aka hash) which refines them into a shatter, batter-like, or saucy consistency.Cold Cure Hash Rosin

Secondly, Utilizing different methods of filtration, the final product delivers a flavorful and clean way to ingest the trichome head without any plant residue left over. Lastly, This particular method and the final product tend to be a favorite among both the hash connoisseurs and the canna-curious consumers new to concentrates. THC/CBD content is approximate, individual items may vary.Cold Cure Hash Rosin


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