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Derb and Terpys is a brand of live resin that has taken over the market recently with jaw-dropping flavors and high THC content
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Our Story

At derb and terpys shop, customer satisfaction and privacy is our goal.

Founded in the early days of this year, we are a leading brand supplier of Derb And Terpys Products. Having a solid foundation and relationship with the products, we go the extra mile to deliver a unique smoking experience for all our customers. We know that each one is different so we bring a variety of products o that our customers always have something to take home. 

At Derb And Terpys Shop, you will find a wide category of products that fits everyone’s budget regardless. So rush now and choose from the store to experience the feeling of extra purity and potency in dabbing/smoking


We bring to you different products to choose from


Our prices are moderate to suit all pockets regardless of what you want


We believe that getting quality products for less is what works out for everybody

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