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Here at Derb And Terpys Shop, we bring to you premium, quality, and flavorful resin products Directly from production. Our mission is to provide all derb and terpys products at affordable prices and that is why we sell at a discount price to suit your pockets. So feel free to select from our amazing varieties, the product that meets your needs because we have something for everybody.

Derb and terpys live resin is a stand-out cannabis product that emerged not long ago but is already taking over the market due to its high THC content and potency. Customers from the US and Europe have already enjoyed the many benefits that come with smoking this product with many testifying of its ‘intense high’ and satisfaction. Don’t be left out of this breathtaking movement and join others to experience the feeling. 

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Extremely fast delivery, friendly staff who are also professionals
Lemon Heads
Their first time purchase bonus is a great boost for me, thumbs up guys
Joel dunham
I needed a more spontaneous product to try and I've got to say derb and terpys is the real deal. These guys have one of the best live rein available on the market
Juan Carlos
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